Web Development

We develop software solutions and websites with custom design, fully administrable and optimized for search engines.

All online projects are developed in stages, following well-established procedures (design, frontend implementation, backend, SEO and testing). Behind each product is an integrated team, people specialized in the services we offer.

We have a varied stack, but with an emphasis on technologies such as React Native, Reat JS, Laravel, Node, Next JS, Solid JS, API

SEO and Online Marketing are becoming more and more difficult to access in the context of Google's policies.

Within our agency, the optimization service is constantly evolving, given the complexity and ever-changing Google algorithm.

We adapt the websites monthly according to the indicators from Google Analytics, Search Console, CLS, speed and other dynamic optimization specifications.

Most of all, we love the challenges that mobile, iOS and Android app development launches us. Our stack includes React Native, Node JS, REST API and, whenever required, native code for iOS or Android.

The apps developing dedicated team can manage projects of above average complexity, particularly complex projects. So we are open to develop any idea.

Our services include, apart from application programming and UI/UX, their logic, wireframes, prototyping, ideas and logical data flow structures, technical support, project management and scrum development.

Aesthetics, in its essence, reveals beauty and harmony. Aesthetics, in the field of web development, is highlighted through design. And the design and creation process is, from our perspective, the most important in any type of visual.

Consistency and coherence of visual elements are very important in shaping, positioning and maintaining a brand in the market. Also, a clean, clear, representative visual for a brand or a product is what, in the medium and long term, ensures profitability and awareness.

If we refer to UI/UX, our belief is that this phase of the project means more than aesthetics, it involves knowing and understanding the user experience and creating an interface that satisfies the need for accessibility, clarity and belonging to the respective brand or product.

Scrum is an Agile approach to software development. Rather than a complete process or methodology, it is a framework or guideline.

Scrum projects progress in a series of sprints. At the start of a sprint, team members commit to deliver a set of features that were defined at the start of the project. By the end of the sprint, these features are finalized, tested, and integrated.

It is an ideological development, which we apply depending on the project and its complexity.

ERPs are the backbone of many organizations, helping them manage their accounting, procurement processes, projects and more across the company. For many departments.

The emergence of Software-as-a-service (SaaS) manages the transition from ERP to the cloud and allows companies to simplify their technology requirements and see a faster return on their investment.

Cloud services are growing in popularity among leading companies that looks for applications with modern functionality, but without the overhead of IT infrastructure, maintenance and upgrades.


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