Agile Testing & Scrum
This service came, in our agency, as an update and a need to be aligned with those companies that work Agile and Scrum.

It is a procedure without which we could not have planned, developed and delivered at a professional level. This service is provided by the Scrum Master and is the key to a successful project.

We use Azure DevOps from Microsoft, Jira or Trello from Atlassian as programs. We work on sprints and follow Agile processes where the project requires. For certain projects, we use the Waterfall methodology on Trello.

We invite customers to work with us, to be present in their sprints and retrospectives.

These are reviewed and the team demonstrates the new functionality to the product owner and other stakeholders, who provide feedback and could influence the next sprint.

Testing occurs at the end of the project or on releases and is done by an authorized tester, following the same scrum principles.

Agile Testing & Scrum



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