To excel and digitally transformation, Touch Media helps organizations to update their core IT infrastructure and move to a digital operating model that delivers the experiences consumers demand.

The greatest digitalization experience we have is in the medical field. The projects in this field are diverse, complicated but also challenging. The various micro-services and development integrations, security and data analytics, architecture and data protection take services for this industry to a level of excellence in the field that we are proud of and also represents us.

The diversity of projects is the challenge that helps us grow, develop new procedures and collaborate with external teams, which increases our communication abilities.

Among the customers in this field, we enjoy the collaboration with the Medicover group and Synevo, for which we offer complex development, integration and maintenance solutions. Also, for this client we developed a complex system of online medical visits, through which doctors have direct and in real time access to patients' health data. X-Wrist is another client in the field, for which we developed an application that retrieves and interprets data from smart watches.


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