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For some time now, SEO has meant quality content, quality link building, and information written for users, not search engines. But things can't always be ideal, so sometimes interventions from specialized teams are needed. We believe that SEO works in 3 main directions: Analysis, SEO on the site and link building.

The analysis involves checking the indicators. Here we talk about Google Analytics, Search Console and other tools for speed monitoring, lighthouse and code analysis.

SEO on site is done after checking indicators and involves capitalizing on keywords through specific tools, but also correct coding, fast loading.

Linkbuilding involves writing external content and publishing it on quality sources. All these three processes produce interconnected effects in the medium and long term.

When we talk about SEO, we mean indexing, google and ranking, but it is a service that does not come with guarantees. In most cases, our seo tools have provided results, but success also depends, to varying degrees, on each client's budget and understanding.

On the other hand, online marketing represented by CPC, CPM and social media is a procedure that is influenced by the client's budget, targeting, audience and creativity.

We offer services of creating Ads campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

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