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We like to develop from scratch, of course, on some solutions that we have already tested and that work. We have a varied stack, both on frontend and backend technologies, server side, testing and project management. We develop both browser-based solutions and mobile applications for iOS and Android. Development also involves a very good knowledge of server technologies.
In general, development can mean a simple branding website or a complex SaaS. Development is a general term and we can consider it a core service of the company as it encompasses related procedures and services.

The web development process includes both system design and architecture, or web design, web content development, service integration and network security configuration, among other tasks. The maintenance of different products is a service we offer to any customer who wants to receive constant updates.


Frontend Services
In the last years, we have developed a way of working on Woocommerce, which supports customers who do not have a very large budget to develop a completely custom website. Thus, we can offer solutions on the Woocommerce platform, but with custom design and any kind of customization desired.

Another service is the development of online stores on dedicated platforms, custom development on Laravel. Depending on the complexity of the desired store, we can choose the best web development solution together. The steps to develop an online store are established together with the beneficiary: UX/UI, design and logic, programming, testing and live.

NEXT.jsReact NativeReact.jsSOLIDJSHTML, CSS, JS

Dezvoltare Web
Dezvoltare Web
Branding websites
By branding websites, we refer to any project that does not involve online sales. We have created many brand websites for corporations or large and medium-sized companies. Such dedicated and completely custom projects are what we like to develop, because each client has different needs. We don't work on templates and every project requires planning, strategy, analysis and effective communication with the client and the marketing department.
Reviewing the branding manual is also important, if one exists.

For websites of this type we often choose to work with a specific Stack: Next.JS, React native Web, Solid JS or classic HTML/CSS. The backend is supported by a Laravel framework, which we can modify and scale as needed.



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